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Luxury 1 Bedroom Apartments In Dc 585 x 585

1 bedroom apartments are pretty easy to find if you’re willing to put in a little work to dig up the best values. Personally I live in New York City, and have lived in 1 bedroom apartments my entire decade here. I’m lucky in that my rent hasn’t gone up much in six years, however if it had gone up I’ve no doubt I would be able to find a host of 1 bedroom apartments to meet my needs.

The key to finding a good apartment is to be willing to look for it. This is the place you’re going to live for at least a year – more if you’re renting for longer, or buying outright. So you don’t want to shortchange yourself and settle for the first “decent” deal that comes along. You want to kick over every stone to find the apartment that best suits your needs, that provides you a warm and happy abode for you to return to every evening and live your life.

It’s important to remember that not all 1 bedroom apartments are created equal. The one I live in, for example, is a 650-square-foot rental apartment in a building with three others and a bodega – convenience store – downstairs. I don’t mind walking up to the third floor when I return home from work, as I appreciate the bit of extra exercise. I also enjoy having the bodega directly downstairs, since if I feel like getting fresh fruits or vegetables, or a six-pack of beer, or a cup of fresh coffee in the morning, they’re only a fifteen second walk away.

However there is a downside, as next door to my apartment is a bar with outdoor seating that tends to be loud at night. I’m no prude, but I think it’s unreasonable for any bar to keep its outdoor seating area open all night if its patrons can’t be kept to a dull roar. This particular bar seems incapable of the latter, and many times I’ve had to call the police and register noise complaints to little or no effect.

Of course I’d never call the police on a weekend for a noise complain. The way I see it, if I’m working a weekend then I don’t have the right to impose my personal schedule on everyone else. If the bar is too loud on a Friday or Saturday night, I just have to suck it up and deal with it. Conversely, on Sunday through Thursday nights they don’t have the right to impose their standards on me and the rest of the “typical” Monday-through-Friday workforce living in the neighborhood.

It’s this kind of thing to keep in mind when looking for 1 bedroom apartments, since you’ll want to deal with the fewest complications possible.

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