Black And Red Bedroom

The combination of black and white colors for your decor can give a completely dazzling new look to your bedroom. Here in this article you will find the ways of how black and white bedding or spreads can revolutionize your decor. You can use the color black in all of your rooms as it makes your interior look classier, but only in moderation.

If you want to attract people towards your room decor then you should either use black paint or buy any black furniture item or any kind of black frills for your room. Everyone will focus on your black decor as it highlights a particular area. If you want to make your room decor even more fascinating you should mix white with striking black, something like combining a white comforter with black accents subtle pattern. You can simply add elegance to your room by using this classic combination of colors for your furniture or other decorative items.

Whatever style you prefer for decorating your room, choosing in black and white colors will make it wondrous. French decorators always use these colors either as bedding or spreads. You can even add touch of some other colors like yellow, red, purple, pink to this pair to make it jazzier.

Let’s see how you can make use of this wonderful color combination for your room décor:

  • The bed sheets and spreads are most important part of bedroom decor. You can either try white bed covers with some authentic style or you can choose white with black accents. You can make completely contrasting choice of using some bright colorful bed cover while using the combination of white with black for other items of the room décor. You can even think of making use of mix and match theme to add more taste to your décor.
  • Moreover whatever style you are using, this sophisticated looking color combination goes well with all. There are almost numerous ways that you can use this pair of colors in decorating your bedroom. Black combined with white is an always popular choice.
  • You can make your bedroom look more sparkling by using white curtains with black trim and white comforters with black patternsJust choose the pattern that matches with all the stuff in your room. Using liners along with the curtains will be a smart choice for letting an appropriate amount of sunlight to enter into your room and even stopping the light go out from your room.

Hope you find these ideas for decorating your bedroom to be helpful.

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How To Unlock Bedroom Door

It’s common for children to lock themselves in the bedroom. While many parents and baby sitters panic when this happens, you shouldn’t. This is because it’s easy to open the bedroom lock. Here are ways on how to open bedroom door lock.

Use a paper clip

You should look at the center of the doorknob and see if you can see a small hole at the center of the knob. If there is a hole you should find a paper clip and create a straight stick out of it.

You should then push the paper straight into the center of the hole while turning the knob. You should continue feeling around until you hit the lock button. When you find it you should push it with steady pressure. When you do this, the clip will push in the release mechanism thus unlocking the door.

Use a thin screwdriver

If your knob looks as if it requires a key you should slip the head of a thin screwdriver into it. You should then turn the screwdriver on the left in order to unlock the door mechanism.

Make use of your credit card

Here you should slip your credit card in between the door and the door frame then slowly slide the card downwards while at the same time pushing it further from the crack.

When you reach the level of the handle you should work the card into the crack and use the card to push in the metal bolt that keeps the door closed. When you push the bolt you will open the door.

Remove the door knob

If there are no openings in the knob you should consider removing the door knob. You should remove the screws with a screwdriver and remove the knob.

After removing the knob you should reach into the hole in the door and remove the bolt that connects the knob to the hole in the strike plat. After opening the door you should replace the knob pieces the same way that you removed them.


These are some of the ways in which you can unlock a bedroom door. For ideal results you should follow the instructions to the latter. While you can easily open the door by yourself, its good that you hire the services of a professional locksmith to do the work for you.

The professional will not only do the work perfectly, but he will also ensure that your door is secure.

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Bobs Furniture Bedroom Set

Many celebrities have a line of products that bear their name, from cosmetics and perfume to apparel and furniture. One such celebrity is Cindy Crawford. She has a beautiful collection of furniture for the home, including pieces for the living room, dining room and bedroom. Her furniture items are classy, stylish and very attractive for any room in the house. If you would like your home to resonate with beauty and style, you can achieve it with Cindy Crawfort furniture.

Cindy Crawford’s beautiful face has graced magazine covers for years. Now her beautiful furniture is gracing homes across the nation. If you like leather, you will find an assortment of leather sectionals that can be arranged in various ways within a room. The leather is supple and comfortable but also provides elegance with its classic good looks. Her living room sets include leather recliners, reclining sofas and loveseats. You will be able to purchase Cindy Crawford furniture in three, four, five, six and seven-piece sets, enabling you to beautifully furnish a room regardless of the size.

If leather is not your style, sectional living room ensembles are also available in various fabrics. Cindy Crawford’s lovely living room sets in fabrics include sofas and chairs in the same color scheme. Chairs in complementary colors can also be purchased, along with coffee tables, end tables and lamps. Matching ottomans will provide the maximum in comfort for relaxing at the end of the day.

Cindy Crawford furniture also includes contemporary pieces for the dining room in various wood solids with primavera veneers. Besides tables and chairs, dining room sets can include servers, two-piece china cabinets and two-piece curio cabinets. Outdoor dining is also possible with a beautiful wicker table and chairs made of weather-resistant resin bearing a mahogany stain. The chairs have polyester cushions for the best in comfort for dining outside.

The bedroom is not to be neglected in Cindy Crawford’s line of stylish furniture. She has exquisite bedroom sets consisting of a bed frame with headboard, dresser with mirror, chest of drawers and nightstand. Bedroom sets can include from three to seven pieces of furniture, depending on how large your room is and how many items you may need. As with all of the furniture in Cindy Crawford’s Home Collection, there are a variety of wood finishes available.

When it comes to celebrity furniture, Cindy Crawford is not alone in having her own collection. Kathy Ireland, another popular supermodel, has various items of furniture available, including sliding door bookcases, TV consoles and writing tables. Jaclyn Smith, known for her TV role in Charlie’s Angels, has also put her name on various items of furniture, including patio sets and her Mission Collection for different rooms in the house. Bob Mackie, famous for creating the gowns that have been worn by Cher, also has a line of furniture in many styles for every room of the house.

Cindy Crawford furniture consists of style, grace and beauty, just like the lady herself. She has a variety of items in a wide selection of designs from which to choose. Whatever your taste may be, you are sure to find something in her Home Collection that will be appealing to you and will look beautiful within the walls of your home. It can be very exciting to have furniture that bears a famous celebrity’s name, but what makes it even more thrilling is the fact that each and every piece of furniture is beautiful in its own right. You can have classic items of furniture that will grace your home with elegance for years to come.

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Home Depot Bedroom Lighting

Home Depot lighting is an economical way to enhance the appearance of your house. When looking at remodeling projects for the home, you can start on a budget with minor improvements. Lighting is perhaps the one aspect that highlights different areas of the house and displays them beautifully. There are many options to choose from in terms of design, which is specific to location.

Specific lighting for each room

Start off with the main hallway: a beautiful hanging light fills up the ceiling and makes for a warm welcome. In the powder room or guest bath, you should replace old and worn out lighting with something dramatic and bright. In the bedrooms, you can go for side table lamps, wall fittings and a special lighting unit for the dresser. A walk-in closet with one light fixture makes it very dramatic and high utility. For the children’s room, you can have fancy plastic Home Depot lighting fixtures. These come in different shapes and colors to add color to the road. Similarly, holiday lighting and floor lamps for the den give the right atmosphere to each room.

Different kinds of lighting

At Home Depot lighting, you can get something as simple as basic bulbs mounted on steel plates that make for a dramatic look in the powder room. You can enhance other rooms by providing a transformation in each area. The value of your house can considerably enhance if you have excellent fixtures and fittings. This is where Home Depot lighting comes in handy. There are numerous categories to choose from, including bath and vanity lighting, fluorescent lighting, landscape lighting, light bulbs, track lighting, work lights, and more. An appealing and attractive home can be made better with the right kind of light, and Home Depot Lighting offers few lights for every corner of your home.

How to choose the right lighting fixtures

In order to highlight your furniture and décor in subtle way, you must choose fixtures that match the interior. Do not try to go overboard and make the lighting look out of place. There are different styles of contemporary and classic lighting available. At Home Depot lighting, you will be able to choose one that matches your house and requirements exactly.

If you want to shop from home, use Home Depot lighting, because it’s very easy to order online and you get the product delivered at home for your convenience.

To add a dramatic touch to the interior and exterior of your home, you need to select the best lighting fixtures. This is when you can trust Home Depot Lighting [], where variety is outstanding and quality is superb. So, visit [] to more details about making a purchase.

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