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There are two ways to come up with decorating ideas for any home interior ideas. The first one is to use do brainstorming and come up with unique ideas. Many professionals work this way to come up with excellent decorating ideas for home interiors.

But I am going to show you an easier way to do it. First of all make a list of the entire bedroom decorating accessories you want to use while decorating or redecorating your bedroom. Your list may include the following things

These can be painting, curtains, wallpapers, lighting fixtures, picture frames, area rugs, furniture upholstery, bed sheets, pillow covers, furniture cabinet resurfacing, bedroom furniture, wall hangings, etc.

All these when combined in a selected theme will form the final picture of your bedroom interior decorating. Now what you have to do is right down the options in front of each of the item in the list above. For example…Wall pant – Pink/lemon/sky blue with texture on north wall
Lighting fixtures – Vertical glass with stained glass/aluminum body
Bed sheets – Base color yellow with green inclined squares/ Plain white with red borders

Such kind of exercise of writing down will immediately start the decorating process and you will notice that ideas star coming in your mind like a gushing waterfall. Keep on writing like this for all your items. You can even add/delete items.

Next make combinations of one option per item to organize the design into a theme. For example from the above list you can make a “decorating option 1” list that looks like this.Wall paint – Pink
Lighting fixtures – Aluminum body
Bed sheets – Plain white with red borders

Then look for items available in the market or on the Internet online stores. This will give you an idea of your bedroom-decorating budget. If you find the exact items you have listed in the list, you can go for certain variations depending upon your likes/dislikes.

This was one of the many ways you can use to generate decorating ideas for bedroom fast and it works great. Try it out.

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Soccer Decor For Bedroom

Most boys love sports of almost any kind. Some have one preference over another of course, and others just love any kind of sports. So decorating their bedroom with a sports related theme is one sure way to make them very happy!

How you decorate your little boy’s room will depend a bit on how old he is when you choose to do your redecorating project. In most cases, once a boy reaches about five years old, decorating his room with sports related accents and accessories is a good bet, because it will likely not need to be redecorated again for 10-15 years.

If you know for sure that the boy you’re decorating the room for loves a particular sport, then try to go with that as your primary theme.

If for instance, he loves football, then focus on creating a football decorating theme in his bedroom. If he prefers basketball instead though, then you’d of course want to decorate in that theme instead. If the boy is still fairly young though, he may not yet have a favorite sport. And if this is the case, then the safest move is to sprinkle a little bit of a few common ones into the theme. That way you can build on one or another as the years go by.

Here are some simple, easy ways to turn your boy’s room into a nicely decorated bedroom with sports as the primary theme:

1. Get sports related bedding. You can start by simply buying extra pillows shaped as footballs, soccer balls, and basketballs if you’d like, or you can go the full gamut and get him and entire bedding set complete with sheets, comforter, and pillow shams. Many bedding sets come with multiple sports in the design, and you can also find plenty which are sport specific too.

2. Put in an area rug. Another easy way to turn your boy’s bedroom into a sports themed area is to simply put down an area floor rug or two. You’ll find some that look like a basketball court for instance, and others which look like miniature football or soccer fields too.

3. New lamps or shades. Buying new table lamps, floor lamps, or even walls lamps with sports related themes is quite easy to do, because these are very popular with grown men as well as boys. Alternatively you can simply buy new lampshades to put on the existing lamps you’re using in the room.

4. Sports decals, pictures, or posters. If the boy you’re decorating for is still quite young, then he’ll be sure to love having sports related decals and stickers all around his room. These can be put into place using simple cling decals that he can move around at will, or you can put a sports related wall border in place instead. If your boy is already in love with a specific sport or athlete though, then another excellent way to decorate his room is by hanging up photos or posters.

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