Bedroom Entertainment Center

Home gadgets like TVs, DVD players, stereos, and games consoles are no longer the domain of the living room only and every kid wants to have the very latest in gadgets. Whether it’s an Xbox or even a 3DTV this means finding the most appropriate place to put it where the potentially expensive equipment and your child are both safe from damage and harm. Kids entertainment centers are designed specifically for the purpose and this usually means that they have the appropriate amount of space to store everything including the home entertainment system and the media that they play on it.

Ensuring Ease Of Use

Kinds furniture needs to be stable and safe and this also means that it should be easy to put up. The simpler the furniture is to erect the less likely that the job will be rushed or mistakes will be made. If you can find furniture that fits together safely and securely without the need to use any tools to do so then that’s even better. Of course, the other benefit of furniture that is easy to put together is that it will prove stressful for the parents that inevitably need to put it together.


The kids bedroom is one of those rooms that requires masses of storage and while there are many unique storage units on the market, one of the most beneficial is to have the storage where it is needed. In the case of holding DVDs, console games, and CDs then this means putting the media storage next to the entertainment center. Alternatively, look for kids’ entertainment centers that include their own storage. This way you won’t need to try and match items and you can be sure that you’ve got everything you need from a single purchase.


Generally, you can buy all kids furniture in a choice of either classical designs or considerably more contemporary ones and this is certainly true of kids entertainment centers. Classic designs like the armoire or a sideboard storage unit can be a great way to keep clutter down. The TV or stereo can even be stored inside the armoire along with all the wires, boxes, and other accessories. Alternatively, contemporary media consoles use bright and bold colors and are often constructed from metal or other materials that you won’t usually find in a classic design but will appeal to kids.

Shopping For Kid’s Furniture

You can buy virtually any type of furniture for a kid’s bedroom or playroom. Desks and chairs, beds and dressers, entertainment centers and storage units are just some of the items and because it’s kids furniture that you’re shopping for it means that you can really let your imagination go wild while you’re designing the layout of the room. Use your child’s favorite colors or characters on some of the items, but do remember that their tastes can change virtually overnight and if the whole room is Disney related or pirate related and your daughter or son changes their mind you may need to redecorate and buy new furniture sooner than you anticipated.

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4 Bedroom Townhomes

The Calico Critters Townhome is a vintage toy that’s been about for many years. The townhouse was launched in 1984 by Epoch Ltd. in Japan and has turned into just about the most in demand Christmas toys for 2010. But why?

Targeted at children age ranges of about 3 and up, the toy offers an imaginative escape for virtually any child. The story behind the toy is that each and every furry Calico Crittter animal needs a home and this product is a fantastic way to build it for them.

Calico Critters can be purchased in pairs as well as in families. These animals range from bears, dogs, frogs, kittens, mice, bunnies plus lots more. You can collect your favorite animal type, which comes complete with clothes and other items such as infant bottles or foodstuff. At the end of the day your critters need a place to nap and youngsters will enjoy creating just the right house for their Calico Critters with the Calico Critters Townhome.

On the inside the box you’ll find all you need to set up a comfortable house for these pretend animals. The house is made with 4 separate areas for living, dinning and sleeping. A fifth divider may be used in the house to create a 5th space for an ever-expanding Calico Critters household. The home is on a couple of levels and there is a staircase enabling creatures to go unhampered between the levels. The stairwell is not permanently set into the home so it is easily moved to any appealing location.

Although the property appears as a solid property, you can actually open the building to view the inside. Here you can spruce up the Calico Critters’ home however your imagination dictates. The house doesn’t come with furnishings, these kinds of extras are sold separately. You may buy kitchen, lounge and bedroom units, or you could make your own for an individualized effect. A number of pieces are available for every location.

The house comes with light fixtures through the townhome, but batteries are required to operate them. Batteries aren’t bundled inside the original packaging, so you will need to get a couple of AA battery packs.

The Calico Critters Townhome is 12 x 12 x 12 inches which suggests it’s the ideal overall size to sit on the stand within a bedroom or playroom. Because the townhome opens and closes, it may be easily put away if it is not needed. You can store the creatures and pieces within if your house is closed up. Set up is called for in this item, though the pieces are easy enough for older kids to assemble without the help of mum and dad. When little ones wish to relocate the bedroom divider panel or stairs, it’s also easy enough for the child to complete the job.

The Calico Critters Townhome is the perfect asset and one that will end up being passed down for years into the future. The inventive prospects are near to unlimited as you can vary the furnishings whenever you want and continue to add more decorations to the home. Children may even place jungle gyms along with grass outside to help generate a home for his or her animals.

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Thomas The Train Bedroom

A train bedroom can be the most fun bedroom of all. If your child enjoys trains and has some model trains, you can do some train decorating and design a beloved train bedroom that he (or she) will cherish.

I know some “boys” that have kept their model train hobby as teenagers and on into adulthood. Some have elaborate semi-permanent tables with multiple tracks and realistic scenery. In fact my stepfather made a wonderful setup in his basement after he retired. It had been a lifelong dream which began as a childhood train bedroom.

I have always loved playing with trains myself. My brother got the Lionel set for Christmas when I was a kid, but he went out and played with his new sled and I spent hours playing with “his train”. I still have a wooden train set my grandkids play with when they visit. It is “people powered”. At Christmas I setup the special Christmas train. It scares the cats, but the kids love it and it plays Christmas music. I naturally consider train decorating part of our holiday décor. Even though I am a girl, I would have loved a train bedroom.

Any color combination can be used in a train bedroom. My favorites are the classic primary colors, blue, red, green, and yellow, which are the colors of our wooden train set with farm animals and train cars of produce. I suggest you use your boy’s favorite colors and scenery in his train bedroom.

The best part of having a train bedroom is encompassing a large table that can be used to affix the tracks “semi-permanently”. Many crafty dads (or moms) will make an inexpensive one out of plywood to fit nicely in the train bedroom.

When you can, it’s a good idea to have enough room to move around all sides of the table, but three sides will work. I saw one ingenious design which was very cool. The train table was on hinges and dropped down from the wall. The tracks and scenery were attached; removable leg supports easily put in place; and in moments the train was all setup at the perfect height in the train bedroom.

Kids of all ages enjoy adding all the realistic trees and buildings, people and animal figures, and roads and cars, plus lots of train tracks and crossing gates. A great addition is to extend the scenery by painting the walls above the train table to match the train table décor. It can be lakes, mountains, trees, farms. Use your imagination to extend the scenery beyond the train table in the train bedroom design.

You can also find lots of cool train artwork to hang on the walls. For toddlers, Thomas and Friends are fun train toys, both large and small. Look for a striped engineer’s cap to wear while playing with the trains. You might find a train lamp or train bookends to add to the theme in the train bedroom too.

A train bedroom would truly be “a dream come true” for any model train lover. While he will enjoy it anyway, you can complete the train design by adding a few train decorating touches. You can trace a train engine and caboose or tracks on contrasting felt and sew or glue them on the bedspread, pillows or drapes in the colors you have chosen for his train bedroom.

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Teal Bedroom Decor

Country style decorating is one of the most popular themes to use in a bedroom, and part two of this two part series provides tips and ideas to help you create just the right touch of country style in your own bedroom!

Style Pointers

Natural materials, practical furnishings, and restrained but rich color schemes typify country style. Note the features pinpointed here to help you recreate the look.


Traditional touches include an old cradle housing dolls and a Shaker-style peg rail.


Roman blinds in unbleached cotton and off-white painted window frames and reveals add to the sense of natural light.


An antique mahogany bed with turned wood posts and acorn-shaped finials is comfortably dressed with crisp cotton bed linen, a checked blanket, and traditional quilt. A Windsor chair and simple wooden bench provide seating.


Vertical tongue-and-groove paneling, painted teal blue with a grapevine motif frieze, makes a rich backdrop, lifted by the off-white ceiling and paintwork.


Varnished pine floorboards are softened with simple, plain, and striped throw rugs, echoing the wall and ceiling colors.


The bed: This is the focal point of the room. Interestingly, early American antique beds would today be considered too narrow and short, so oldish and reproduction beds are better in terms of both comfort and cost. Four-poster beds with or without canopies, or half-testers with two headposts and a small canopy, in dark, polished old wood such as bird’s-eye maple, mahogany, or fruitwood are ideal. Curved, carved headboards and carved finials – fruit and flower motifs are typical – on slender, turned posts add to the look. Simple brass beds are equally suitable. On a budget, decorate plain pine furniture with Pennsylvania Dutch-type stenciling, perhaps repeating stenciled wall motifs.

Other furniture: Freestanding, dark, polished wood is best; keep away from built-in units or matching suites. Authentic choices include huge old armoire-type wardrobes, ‘high boys’ and ‘lowboys’, which can double as desks or dressing tables. At the foot of the bed, place a stenciled dowry chest, blanket chest, or old sea trunk. Candle stands and washstand cupboards make authentic occasional tables; on a budget, cover an inexpensive table with a floor-length patchwork or white damask cloth.

Accessories: Layers of fresh-looking bed linens, topped by a patchwork, applique, or plain quilt, a white chenille bedspread, or a woven coverlet can give an anonymous bed a country look. Crisp white piecework, crochet or lacework cushions, runners, and tablecloths add a softening influence. Display simple vases, jugs, and baskets of garden flowers and house plants. On the walls, hang framed needlework samplers, or unsophisticated paintings or prints of fruits and flowers, domestic animals, or country scenes.

A related decorating theme you might like is French Country:

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Tufted King Bedroom Set

What is the best bed ever? The best bed is the one that you sleep soundly in. What is the best bedroom set ever? The one that pleases your sense of sight while at the same time keeping your wallet full. All right, so those extremely subjective pieces of advice probably aren’t what you’re looking for, but it’s the truth. Sure, you’ve probably heard that the best mattress is expensive memory foam from NASA or one of those fancy Serta kinds. And while it’s true that those are excellent mattresses, they aren’t the only excellent mattresses.

And while the mattress is important, the type of frame is also important. Think of the different woods that they are made of, like cherry, maple, oak, or pine. Or you go with the more classic looking iron frame. All the major types of frames come in both wood and metal, like sleigh, canopy, and traditional. Then, you can even select different types of headboards (assuming your frame doesn’t have one attached). The different materials you can have for your headboard include leather, tufted padding, or an upholstered look. Daybeds usually have the pseudo headboard at the footer as well. Then, you can pick out a duvet cover or comforter of your choice.

Kids don’t tend to mind any of this stuff, and actually will go for more economic options, like bunk beds or captains lofted beds. The reason these are economic is due the fact that they leave room for either extra storage or an extra child. In the case of the lofted bed, you can place a lot of furniture underneath; furniture such as a futon, a nightstand, a bookcase or dresser, or even a desk. It’s really nice because it makes the room look larger and it can even help with organization. Believe it or not, all the sizes (king, California King, Queen, Twin, and Full) are available in the lofted position.

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Bedroom Joys

Your bedroom is one of the most private places in your home. It’s where you spend your sleeping hours and it should be the most relaxing room in your house. Isn’t it about time that you put more into your bedroom design to make it your haven from the world where you can feel safe, comforted and relaxed beyond your wildest dreams? After all, it’s more than just a good night’s sleep that you need to feel energized, refreshed and ready to meet a new day.

While the basics of interior design should be thought of when decorating your bedroom, there is so much more to a great bedroom design than simply colors that soothe, fabrics that feel comfortable against your skin and furniture that makes you feel rich and luxurious. It’s often the little things that really make a bedroom your “happy place” and the place where you can go when the world is pushing down on you.

Think about this for a little bit and reflect upon the small things that could make your time in your bedroom all it could be. Perhaps you have a fondness for art. Why not find a supremely beautiful piece of art to hang in your bedroom that makes you happy. Why cheat yourself out of this joy by hanging only the choices pieces of art in your living area? There’s no need necessarily to worry about whether things match or go with the decor of the room. If it brings you joy then it fits just right. Maybe it’s photos of your family or little trinkets from your life that you want around you. Things from your childhood that most of us put in boxes in storage can bring back emotions on a daily basis. Private memories that bring us joy of remembrance.

In addition, the bedroom is your private space. Why limit yourself to a bed, night stand and chest of drawers to hold your clothes? Think a little outside the box and think about what you really need in your bedroom. Would a nice comfortable chair be nice to sit and drink a cup of coffee on occasion when you simply want to be alone with your thoughts or to read a book in absolute silence? Do you like music? Maybe a sound system to listen to some of your favorite music would be a nice addition to your bedroom.

Lighting is always something that should be taken into consideration when planning any room and your bedroom should be no different. Putting some thought into different lighting designs complete with accent lights that enhance a mellow mood or provide light enough to read without bothering a slumbering spouse might be in order. Maybe some low voltage ambient lighting for either you or your partner to light the way to the bathroom in the middle of the night would be much appreciated.

Thinking things through and taking the little details into account when planning your bedroom design could play big dividend in your life and actually make you a happier and better adjusted person. If nothing else, you might find that your bedroom becomes your favorite room in the house and sincerely your refuge from the world when times are tough. Think about what you want around you to bring you comfort and peace and you’ll be well on your way to creating the bedroom of your dreams.

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