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Great Bedroom Basketball Hoop 800 x 800

Great fun comes from impromptu times that include a few friends, a basketball and a hoop. However, many people aren’t lucky enough to have the space outside to accommodate hefty in-ground or portable full sized basketball hoops. Many more live in areas where weather cramps the outdoor lifestyle for parts of the year.

These instances should not curb your ability to enjoy fun physical activity that includes shooting hoops anytime the urge strikes. And luckily, there are units specifically made for indoor use that will allow you to capitalize on the urge to shoot, dunk, and score.

Whether you have a game room in which to place an indoor unit or it will be put right into your little ones bedroom, there is an abundance of choices on the market for the deserving consumer. Let no fan be kept from their favorite game!

Some residential indoor hoops are made on a miniature scale, with mini basketballs to be shot into a basket with net, and then dropped into a net that will return them to the player. Electronic systems keep score so you don’t have to. Many even fold for easy storage when not in use. These are ideal for dorm rooms or bedrooms where space is at a premium.

Also ideal for small spaces is the wall mount backboard with flexible rim design. Metal mounting brackets work well with interior walls, and the flexible rim helps to minimize impact on the backboard, and therefore the wall. These units have backboards that measure anywhere from 18″ W x 12″ H to 24″ W x 16″ H, and rims that work with mini basketballs from 4 1/2″ to 7″ in Diameter. An acrylic backboard gives the look of the traditional basketball hoop we all imagine when hearing the term, with the telltale red border in striking contrast with the clear or white background. Working after hours has never been so fun as when you can take breaks and relieve tension by hanging one of these sturdy wall mount units right in your office!

For the recreation centers’ indoor court, portable units with small bases work ideally. There are padded bases to keep everyone safe even when games get competitive. When the slams start flowing and balls start flying, these highly durable units, many with shatter proof backboards, can hold up exceptionally well. And when the game is done, these units fold and roll into their appointed storage place with ease.

Don’t let the weather keep you from racking up the points on the court. Bring America’s favorite game to your own turf with the right indoor hoop!

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