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The most common mistake that most the households would make is to have uniformity of furniture across the house. Though uniformity is definitely nice but if you are using the black furniture bedroom sets for your master bedroom and the other bedrooms, including that of your children’s room – it is not a good idea. It is quite possible that you could have the walls painted in accordance with the black furniture that you have to set a complimentary tone but for the kids’ room you could be a little creative than that.

The black furniture bedroom sets are perfect even when you are looking for a contemporary look for your house or if you are looking out for a traditional ambiance. And the black furniture justifies the over all look as well by providing the house a kind of poised and elegant look. This is perfect when you have business guest coming over fro-small business dinners. But at the same time you can’t take a fun room away from your kids. The kid’s room should be different and should not have the furniture of that type until they have reached a certain age.

In case your kids are still quite young, like they are in kindergarten, then you might want to have the designer walls which has cartoons or fairy painted on it? Keeping that in mind you could decorate the entire room. Like for example there is a huge fairy drawn in the room of your little princess, and then the walls could be painted in contrasts of pink and lavender tints. The furniture that is used in her room should be fancy with magic wonders, stars and other sparkling objects which would give the room a fairly land look. The same would go for your boy’s room though the theme would be different.

If the fact that the entire house is decorated with black furniture and the kids’ room are extremely distinctive doesn’t let you in peace then, rather than getting the same black furniture in your kids’ room you should be making certain changes in the entire house which would justify the kids’ room. As their room should be the way it is supposed to be. While kids are growing they would need to have that color stimulation around. Scientifically, it is proven that colors could have a great impact on the child’s growth. So, you don’t want to play around with that one.

You could add a little color with the black furniture depending upon which room it is placed in. Like for the dining are you could have black furniture and add cherry red to it. You could have the cherry red tablemats; some cherry red flowers around the hall, cherry red napkins and may be a painting, which is dominated by the same color. For rest of the rooms where you have the black furniture bedroom sets, you can give another color like you gave in the dinning room, but don’t take the cherry red again as it would then again get into the symmetrical line. This way you would have a color theme with the black furniture you love and the kids would have a room they should have at the age they are at.

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