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Many celebrities have a line of products that bear their name, from cosmetics and perfume to apparel and furniture. One such celebrity is Cindy Crawford. She has a beautiful collection of furniture for the home, including pieces for the living room, dining room and bedroom. Her furniture items are classy, stylish and very attractive for any room in the house. If you would like your home to resonate with beauty and style, you can achieve it with Cindy Crawfort furniture.

Cindy Crawford’s beautiful face has graced magazine covers for years. Now her beautiful furniture is gracing homes across the nation. If you like leather, you will find an assortment of leather sectionals that can be arranged in various ways within a room. The leather is supple and comfortable but also provides elegance with its classic good looks. Her living room sets include leather recliners, reclining sofas and loveseats. You will be able to purchase Cindy Crawford furniture in three, four, five, six and seven-piece sets, enabling you to beautifully furnish a room regardless of the size.

If leather is not your style, sectional living room ensembles are also available in various fabrics. Cindy Crawford’s lovely living room sets in fabrics include sofas and chairs in the same color scheme. Chairs in complementary colors can also be purchased, along with coffee tables, end tables and lamps. Matching ottomans will provide the maximum in comfort for relaxing at the end of the day.

Cindy Crawford furniture also includes contemporary pieces for the dining room in various wood solids with primavera veneers. Besides tables and chairs, dining room sets can include servers, two-piece china cabinets and two-piece curio cabinets. Outdoor dining is also possible with a beautiful wicker table and chairs made of weather-resistant resin bearing a mahogany stain. The chairs have polyester cushions for the best in comfort for dining outside.

The bedroom is not to be neglected in Cindy Crawford’s line of stylish furniture. She has exquisite bedroom sets consisting of a bed frame with headboard, dresser with mirror, chest of drawers and nightstand. Bedroom sets can include from three to seven pieces of furniture, depending on how large your room is and how many items you may need. As with all of the furniture in Cindy Crawford’s Home Collection, there are a variety of wood finishes available.

When it comes to celebrity furniture, Cindy Crawford is not alone in having her own collection. Kathy Ireland, another popular supermodel, has various items of furniture available, including sliding door bookcases, TV consoles and writing tables. Jaclyn Smith, known for her TV role in Charlie’s Angels, has also put her name on various items of furniture, including patio sets and her Mission Collection for different rooms in the house. Bob Mackie, famous for creating the gowns that have been worn by Cher, also has a line of furniture in many styles for every room of the house.

Cindy Crawford furniture consists of style, grace and beauty, just like the lady herself. She has a variety of items in a wide selection of designs from which to choose. Whatever your taste may be, you are sure to find something in her Home Collection that will be appealing to you and will look beautiful within the walls of your home. It can be very exciting to have furniture that bears a famous celebrity’s name, but what makes it even more thrilling is the fact that each and every piece of furniture is beautiful in its own right. You can have classic items of furniture that will grace your home with elegance for years to come.

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