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If you have never sat in a tub chair, you are missing out! These chairs have been around since King Louis XV adopted one into his court. This armchair comes in many different fabrics and can be special ordered to match your home decor. The contoured back and cushioning designates this as one of the more comfortable chairs for home or office. In fact, the once higher backed version became known as the ‘easy-chair’ because of the ultimate comfort it provided.

The tub chair is usually situated on four legs but you may also find sometimes find it in a swivel or glider style. Legs can be varying heights, some so low as to look like the bottom of the frame is touching the floor and some positioned several inches from the floor. The type you choose will probably depend on the look you are going for in that particular room. A low set style can sometimes indicate a more relaxed setting while the chairs with taller legs are often used in formal environments.

You can find that a tub chair is available in a large offering of different upholstery fabric. Usually you will have a choice of leather, cloth or synthetic material. Once again, consider the style of your room. Leather is easy to clean, forgiving and extremely durable. Linen is nice looking but would not be the best choice for those with children and pets as it wrinkles easily, does not take heavy wear and must be professionally cleaned.

Microfibre is a synthetic blend that has a nice velvety feel. It is tolerant, easy to clean and wears well. Vinyl is relatively inexpensive. It is very easy to clean and withstands the traffic of children and animals nicely. Of course, you could always go with a cotton blend. Cotton blends are available in many colors and patterns, blends are a good value. They also clean up nicely.

So, where do you go to find a tub chair? You can always start at your local furniture store so that you can experience the look and feel of the different fabrics. It is also a good idea to sit for a while and see how comfortable they can be. This ensures that you are buying a piece of furniture that you will enjoy. If your local shop does not have what you are looking for, you can always look online. The Internet has a vast expanse of furniture that can be shipped right to your door. The benefit of ordering online is that you will be able to find exactly what you want.

A tub chair is a nice addition to your formal living room or family room. It works great in an office for those late nights when you really need a break from your desk-chair. You may also want to think about putting one of these wonderful chairs in your bedroom. What a perfect place to curl up with a nice book (or even your laptop) on a rainy afternoon. Enjoy the new addition to your home.

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