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There are endless boy bedroom decorating ideas for your child to relax, hang out, and be himself. You can make it very personal with a special boy bedroom decorating idea with his tastes in mind. Thinking about his favorite toys if he is young, or hobbies, interests and colors if he is older will help you decide on a theme and color scheme for a boy bedroom decorating idea you know he will appreciate.

Here is How to Make the Boy Bedroom Design Cost Practically Nothing

Planning ahead is all it takes to bring the boy bedroom decorating idea to life. You can make the projects cost practically nothing by simply selecting from the theme and color choices that are available when you need to replace or add something. It is probably easiest to start when you need to buy new bedroom linens. You can purchase extra sheets to make curtains or matching pillows if you are handy with a sewing machine.

Each time you shop, go to an event or on vacation, you can pick up items within your theme to enhance his room more. Your unique décor items will make your boy bedroom decorating idea more personal.

As a Trading Spaces fan and avid viewer of home decorating shows, I enjoy the wall art projects most. Designer Frank was probably the best free-hand artist on Trading Spaces, but he wasn’t the first to use free-hand wall art techniques. Being more crafty than artistic, I like to trace or draw my stencils first. Now there are more designs on pre-made stamps that you can use, or try making your own from a sponge or almost anything. Decorating projects including hand-made wall art will make the room unique at a low cost.

Another easy inexpensive idea is to implement something from your boy bedroom decorating idea on the light switch or visible wall plug-in nightlight. Now you can find many different light switch plates and night lights for any home décor theme. You can also make them easily yourself. Trace or draw a design onto the switch plate or night light cover and paint in colors to match. You can glue on anything from sea shells to refrigerator magnets to add your personal touches. Try this on a wall mirror for a unique touch.

Add posters, art, mirrors, wall hangings, lamps, and rugs which include your theme when you are ready. If you are crafty, you can create something of your own.

1000 Boy Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Imagine the possibilities for your boy bedroom decorating idea. They are truly endless. Find more of my boy bedroom decorating idea articles with added details on these 1000+ designs.

1. Airplane Decor for Childs Room Decorating Idea – Red, white, and blue stripes and solids. Adding airplane décor for a childs room is easy and fun for toddlers or boys any age that love airplanes.

2. Sports Theme Bedroom Decorating Idea – Team colors and favorite sports are a fan’s dream. Use any sport or team color to personalize his sports theme bedroom.

3. Sports Locker Bedroom Decorating Idea – Off-white walls painted with many sports scenes using red, black, grays, browns, and yellows. Turn an unpainted wood cabinet into a custom red locker.

4. Race Car Boy Bedroom Decorating Idea – Multi-colored toy race cars and posters with orange Matchbox tracks everywhere provides hours of fun.

5. Western Cowboy Décor Boy Bedroom Decorating Idea – Western cowboy décor is often tans, browns, and black. Paint or hang an old favorite cowboy hat, lasso and holster on the wall for a personalized touch.

6. Train Bedroom and Train Decorating Ideas – Any bright colors can be used with trains. Add a do-it-yourself built-in table for his model train to play whenever he likes.

7 to 11. Disney and Cartoon Theme Bedroom Designs – Cartoon characters and superheroes like Batman, Mickey Mouse, SpongeBob, Nemo, Winnie the Pooh, and many more….

12 to 100. Shapes and Colors Decorating Idea Kid Room – So many cool shapes, sizes and colors. You can create great combos in hours.

101 to 1000+. Animal Bedroom Decorating Ideas are Fun for Everyone – Favorite animals of all kinds can be used for bedroom designs. Match the colors and scenes of their natural habitat for educational value.

The special child in your life will surely enjoy the unique room you create together using a personal boy bedroom decorating idea for him.

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