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A train bedroom can be the most fun bedroom of all. If your child enjoys trains and has some model trains, you can do some train decorating and design a beloved train bedroom that he (or she) will cherish.

I know some “boys” that have kept their model train hobby as teenagers and on into adulthood. Some have elaborate semi-permanent tables with multiple tracks and realistic scenery. In fact my stepfather made a wonderful setup in his basement after he retired. It had been a lifelong dream which began as a childhood train bedroom.

I have always loved playing with trains myself. My brother got the Lionel set for Christmas when I was a kid, but he went out and played with his new sled and I spent hours playing with “his train”. I still have a wooden train set my grandkids play with when they visit. It is “people powered”. At Christmas I setup the special Christmas train. It scares the cats, but the kids love it and it plays Christmas music. I naturally consider train decorating part of our holiday décor. Even though I am a girl, I would have loved a train bedroom.

Any color combination can be used in a train bedroom. My favorites are the classic primary colors, blue, red, green, and yellow, which are the colors of our wooden train set with farm animals and train cars of produce. I suggest you use your boy’s favorite colors and scenery in his train bedroom.

The best part of having a train bedroom is encompassing a large table that can be used to affix the tracks “semi-permanently”. Many crafty dads (or moms) will make an inexpensive one out of plywood to fit nicely in the train bedroom.

When you can, it’s a good idea to have enough room to move around all sides of the table, but three sides will work. I saw one ingenious design which was very cool. The train table was on hinges and dropped down from the wall. The tracks and scenery were attached; removable leg supports easily put in place; and in moments the train was all setup at the perfect height in the train bedroom.

Kids of all ages enjoy adding all the realistic trees and buildings, people and animal figures, and roads and cars, plus lots of train tracks and crossing gates. A great addition is to extend the scenery by painting the walls above the train table to match the train table décor. It can be lakes, mountains, trees, farms. Use your imagination to extend the scenery beyond the train table in the train bedroom design.

You can also find lots of cool train artwork to hang on the walls. For toddlers, Thomas and Friends are fun train toys, both large and small. Look for a striped engineer’s cap to wear while playing with the trains. You might find a train lamp or train bookends to add to the theme in the train bedroom too.

A train bedroom would truly be “a dream come true” for any model train lover. While he will enjoy it anyway, you can complete the train design by adding a few train decorating touches. You can trace a train engine and caboose or tracks on contrasting felt and sew or glue them on the bedspread, pillows or drapes in the colors you have chosen for his train bedroom.

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