Tufted King Bedroom Set

Marvelous Tufted King Bedroom Set 640 x 640

What is the best bed ever? The best bed is the one that you sleep soundly in. What is the best bedroom set ever? The one that pleases your sense of sight while at the same time keeping your wallet full. All right, so those extremely subjective pieces of advice probably aren’t what you’re looking for, but it’s the truth. Sure, you’ve probably heard that the best mattress is expensive memory foam from NASA or one of those fancy Serta kinds. And while it’s true that those are excellent mattresses, they aren’t the only excellent mattresses.

And while the mattress is important, the type of frame is also important. Think of the different woods that they are made of, like cherry, maple, oak, or pine. Or you go with the more classic looking iron frame. All the major types of frames come in both wood and metal, like sleigh, canopy, and traditional. Then, you can even select different types of headboards (assuming your frame doesn’t have one attached). The different materials you can have for your headboard include leather, tufted padding, or an upholstered look. Daybeds usually have the pseudo headboard at the footer as well. Then, you can pick out a duvet cover or comforter of your choice.

Kids don’t tend to mind any of this stuff, and actually will go for more economic options, like bunk beds or captains lofted beds. The reason these are economic is due the fact that they leave room for either extra storage or an extra child. In the case of the lofted bed, you can place a lot of furniture underneath; furniture such as a futon, a nightstand, a bookcase or dresser, or even a desk. It’s really nice because it makes the room look larger and it can even help with organization. Believe it or not, all the sizes (king, California King, Queen, Twin, and Full) are available in the lofted position.

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